“I’m Not Broken” – How Goddess Believes In You

Imagine a moment when you find that the world feels different to you. Some people call this an Aha Moment.

Recently, I had an Aha Moment. Since I deal with depression symptoms, I have often felt “broken.”

Have you ever felt broken? Has someone you care about called you “broken”? If so, you know what I’m talking about.

Then the Aha Moment kicked in: You and I were made how we are for some kind of purpose. Goddess doesn’t make junk.

Here are three insights:

1. What gift has depression (or some other thing you struggle with) given you?

Just today, I said to a family member, “What depression has given me is compassion for others. I understand struggle. And when I see someone struggling, I can relate to them.”

I think the Gods give us struggles to help us learn and grow. Struggle is a teaching tool that the Gods use for us. Yes, we can feel real pain during our struggle. Sometimes, the lesson is to seek and receive some support. I’ve also learned that giving some support to someone can give me some relief—for a time. It’s like playing a musical instrument blesses the audience and the musician simultaneously.

2. Goddess does not make junk—so you were made the way you are on purpose.

I know it might be hard to see the value you have inside when you feel broken.

Pause for a moment. Realize that you are made to order. You may feel that you have flaws that are choking your life. The surprise can be that the Gods have given you some difficulty so you can learn and rise to a higher level. There is a reason. Usually a teaching one.

Realize that Goddess made you. Goddess Believes in You.

3. Imagine how your struggles may light the way for others to have some positive outcomes.

I have a phrase: Your fight may be someone’s light.

By this I mean, if you show other people that it is possible to resist and carry on, you’re giving them inspiration.

I have a family member who deals with chronic pain. I’m inspired by how he maintains—most of the time—a cheerful approach to life. His fight is someone’s light.

My thought is that your fight can serve as inspiration to give another person hope that they can endure and rise. You inspire them to carry on and learn their own lessons.

May this process bless your life.

Blessed Be,

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