How Witches Deal with “Tired of Being Afraid”

“How are you doing?” my friend, Sarah, asked me some time ago.

“I’m tired of being afraid,” I replied.

How about you? Do you find that much of your day is clouded by your feeling fearful?

  1. Identify the moments of “Calm Acceptance in this present moment.”

I’ve learned that much of fear is connected to focusing on the future.

I remember this quote:

“I have been through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened.” – Mark Twain

This quote reminds me that much that I’m afraid of is likely not to happen. For example, I was living in a particular location, and I thought that I would get kicked out. The truth is: I lived in that place for several years, and things were relatively peaceful.

In recent years, I’ve focused on this idea: Calm Acceptance. When I need to get to Calm Acceptance, I focus on the here and now. I look at this present moment and think about just taking one step at a time. My starting point is to realize I can only deal with this moment. Then I shift into the understanding that I am doing the best that I can.

  1. Shift to the focus on “The Gods will guide me to what I need to do.”

To help me shift to Calm Acceptance, I center my thoughts on The Gods will guide me to what I need to do. I ask the Gods to guide my actions for the best outcome.

Recently, I had a conversation with a friend who taught comparative religion. He noted that in some spiritual paths, there is an idea: “You are having a human life which includes just enough problems so you need to shift into guiding your mind to peace.”

Holding my faith that the Gods will guide me to what I need to do helps me to return to Calm Acceptance. Furthermore, I have faith that the Gods are guiding me with my purpose.

  1. Realize that the solution to fear is not about “just doing stuff in the mundane world”

When we are in fear mode, we’re often thinking about the mundane world problems in our lives. Just centering on the mundane world will keep you stuck. So much of the mundane world is about drama, agony, unsolvable problems, greed, apathy, and fear. Broadcast news and social media thrive on drama and pain. We, witches, must realize that we need to turn to the spiritual world for truth and the essence of the universe.

Witches realize that the spiritual world is just as important as the mundane one. Both have their part in our lives. When we focus too much on one or the other, we find that we get into trouble.

Keeping busy is one thing. But ducking reality in either the spiritual realm or mundane realm is inappropriate. We need balance. Doing ritual and meditation can help you rise out of obsessive thoughts on only mundane world problems.

Instead, you can focus on this prayer:

Goddess, nurture me to know that my fear
Is merely a signal.
Time for me to shift to Calm Acceptance.
Lead me, guide me
That my fears not cast me astray.
Help me focus on balance.
Let Calm Acceptance lead the way.

May this process enrich your life.

Blessed Be,

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