How Witches Release Themselves from Body Type Shame

Are you, like me, feeling pressed down by the media stereotypes about beauty and an appropriate body type?

When I talk about body type, I make a significant distinction between what is healthy and the garbage of media stereotypes, showing fashion models who are actually physically sick and are too skinny.

We, women who are pagans, intellectually know that Goddess delights in many body types. However, the overwhelming pressure from the media to look in a certain, stereotypical way causes so much pain and suffering.

Let me express this from my heart. My own mother is morbidly obese, and she has serious suffering connected to her diabetes. She only walks short distances in the home, and she grunts in pain with every step.

Seeing my mother’s plight, I realized that I had to do something about how I exercise and how I connected with Goddess. I had to develop a way of eating so that I could stay healthy and avoid getting diabetes. With the help of spiritual elders, doctors, psychiatrists, and other professionals, I devoted myself (and a circle of team members working tens of hours) to create my online course Goddess Style Weight Loss.

At this time of Black Friday sales and all the commotion about these offers, I had some conflicting thoughts. But then I realized I had seen so many of my pagan friends running out of breath as they walked around at annual pagan events.

So, we’re talking about developing healthy habits so that you can support this wonderful temple—the body that the Goddess has given you. I took the inspiration that Goddess gave me to create my online course Goddess Style Weight Loss. And I am grateful that at this time of Black Friday sales that I’m able to, with, create a coupon so that you can get this course for a dramatically reduced price.

Black Friday Sale – Available Now $13.99

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Blessed Be,

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Spiritual Solution for Depression Relief

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Goddess Style Weight Loss: Wiccans — Happy, Healthy and Confident

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