How Witches Make a Sigil to Keep Them Safe and Healthy


Are you feeling down with every report about the effects of the coronavirus around the world and in your community?

You can put a magical intention on your safety and health into an object. Why would you do that? Witches do this because they want the object to hold power to help them realize a personal desire.

Making your own personal sigils is easy. Some time ago, author/artist Austin Osman Spare devised a method for creating sigils.

Since that time, a number of authors have discussed Austin Osman Spare’s process of making sigils. One book I appreciate is Frater U. D.’s Practical Sigil Magic: Creating Personal Symbols for Success.

I have made a couple of my own additions to the process.

First, throughout history, witches made sigils out of virgin parchment. But that is quite expensive. Also, if you’re vegan and will not wear leather, you will want to use something else. Why? Parchment is typically made from goatskin. So, let’s talk about a process devoid of parchment.

I use the heavier art paper, the kind that absorbs ink and which can be infused with different tinctures made with herbs. Watercolor paper is a nice choice, too.

What about inks? You could use one or of the many magickal inks on the market. My favorite is Dragons Blood Ink. But magickal inks can be expensive. So, you can make your own out of a high-grade ink such as Winsor Newton ink or India ink. To make it a magickal ink just add some essential oil to it, like myrrh. Mix and consecrate.

You can even use Sharpie pens as author Peter Paddon suggests. Just make sure to designate specific pens for only magickal work. They’ll be part of your set of magickal tools.

You can use different colors for different desires. Here is a shortlist of colors and meanings that I include in my book The Hidden Children of the Goddess [free chapter when you CLICK HERE]:

  • Red: sex, desire, vitality, strength
    • Orange: charm, confidence, joy, jealousy, persuasion
    • Yellow: intellectual development, joy, intellectual strength
    • Green: prosperity, abundance, fertility, money matters
    • Blue: healing, protection, spiritual development
    • Purple: the occult, power, magick
    • Pink: love, friendship, compassion
    • White: purity, innocence, peace, tranquility

Write out your desire on a scratch piece of paper; you can use a single word or a phrase.

For this example, I am using the words “Safety and Health.”

Cross off all of the repeat letters in “Safety and Health.” You end up with S, A, F, E, T, N, D, H and L. (You want only one of each letter that appears in the word.) Next, scramble the letters.

Now comes the fun part: Combine the letters together in an image. (I’ve also added arrows and dots.)

Can you find the letters?

In this way, you can make all sorts of sigils.

If you want to imbue it with a potion or tincture this is the time to do it. You can either soak the paper in your tincture or brush it on. Either way, you must let it dry. Overnight is best.

Now with this new image (of combined letters), inscribe it with your magical ink on your absorbent paper.

Now that you have the sigil, the next step is to breathe life into it with Pranic Breathing, also known as belly breathing. If you’re familiar with yoga, you are probably familiar with Pranic Breathing techniques. Breathe in deeply; allow your stomach to inflate. Visualize pulling up energy from the earth. When you have built up enough energy in your lungs, blow it onto the sigil. This will charge it with your energy and further empower your intention.

Now place your sigil in a safe place and forget about it. Forgetting about it is the toughest part of the whole process. This helps the magick work.

As you can see, making your own sigils is quite easy and fun. After some practice, you will be able to do them quickly and easily.

Remember to consider using sigils to further your goals and get what you really want.

Learn more about sigils at Sigils: Special Techniques for Manifesting What You Want

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