How Witches Use the Elements to Achieve Balance in Their Daily Lives

Are you feeling out of balance? Overly tired or fuzzy-brained? Perhaps, you feel emotionally shut down.

Witches connect with the Elements to achieve balance. The point is to use each Element’s attributes to balance yourself out. Witches will meditate on a specific Element to improve their current situation.


As a feminine element, Earth is the provider of sustenance for her children, just as a mother nurses her infant. Earth represents fertility and abundance.

Represented as the North, Earth stands for stillness and our foundation. We stand on rock, but more than that, metaphorically Earth is a foundation of our spirit.

Earth also represents the fertile soil from which life springs. In the cycle of life, Earth is also the silent tomb where we return to rest until we are reborn.

As we learn more about Wicca, we discover that there are elementals associated with each element. For example, strong and squat gnomes are Earth’s elementals. Their skin reveals the colors of the earth, in many shades of brown and black.

Finally, on our altar, we can use rocks, crystals, dirt, and fossils to represent Earth.


Water corresponds with the direction West. Like Earth, water is a feminine element. The Earth’s oceans represent the womb of all life on the planet we call Mother. Witches look upon sea water as a representative of the Goddess’ womb.

A mother’s womb holds a sacred water that is saline, similar to the salinity found in seawater. So, Witches apply sea salt to water to create their holy water.

Witches use various things to represent water including seashells, seaweed, water, sponges, and fish.


Associated with the direction East, air is a masculine element. Air represents the flowing thoughts of our minds. We take in new thoughts like we take in a new breath into our lungs. Air goes hand in hand with Fire, which is also a masculine element. Without the air (specifically oxygen) to support it, fire dies.

What is the elemental of Air? It’s the sylph, often depicted as a human figure, sporting wings. Numerous people report seeing Sylphs in cloud formations.

Representations of Air include feathers, birds of all kinds, clouds, dust devils, wind chimes, and incense smoke. Any of these items can be placed in the East quarter of your circle. Be creative.


Aligned with the direction South, Fire is associated with energy and heat. European originators of Wicca held the understanding that South and fire were related. As the Europeans saw it, the farther south you go toward the equator the temperature heats up. So the South and fire were linked.

We also see Fire as a masculine element. Fire kindles our bright spirit into action. Fire drives us; it is the moving force for our will. Fire inspires. Simply, fire is energy! A transformer, Fire gives us the power to change our thoughts which change our actions and our lives! We jump in and tackle our problems.

The Fire’s elementals are Salamanders. Our ancestors saw the red coloring of salamanders’ bellies and associated them with fire. Seen as dragon like, the elemental Salamanders are shape-shifters like the flames themselves. Sometimes, Salamanders can have wings and human faces like Sylphs.

Some things that represent fire for Witches include: embers, the sun, hot chili peppers, and a candle’s flame. You can use any of these items in the South quarter of your circle to represent Fire.

To balance out these Elements, you can do meditation and bring each Element that you need into you. Feel it. Experience it and have it balance out what you may be lacking in your daily life.

Warming: Be sure to dismiss any Element at the end of your meditation.

May this support your journey.

Blessed Be,

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  1. I really appreciated ‘ How witches Use The elements…..” A very helpful summary for the beginner. Thank you


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