How Witches Go Deep with Their Spiritual Practice

When I was going through the process to earn my Third-Degree Level of the Gardnerian Tradition, I got frustrated.

“Could I get an outline for what I need to learn next?” I asked.

“I can’t give you one,” my spiritual elder said.

“Why?” I asked. And, this led to a powerful conversation.

“I must see how you grow,” she said. “I need to see what you do naturally. If I give you an outline, you might try to simulate learning. Sometimes, students try to please their mentors. That’s not real learning.”

For example, if you were a mentor teaching a form of meditation, you’d realize a student may rush and step off the path.

A student may ask, “What is supposed to happen when I meditate? What am I supposed to see? What am I supposed to do?”

Then the student might try to strain and or even say something that might please you.
But as the mentor, you know the truth. The student must experience true growth and learning. You can’t rush this. It’s a personal process. The student has his or her own path and timing.

Students who seek to move forward fast can subconsciously sabotage themselves and the process without knowing it.

During my eight years of direct training in Wicca toward the Third-Degree Level, I had to let go and let my path include some mystery.

I know waiting can feel uncomfortable and even painful.

To go deep in your journey as a witch, take the slow and steady path. This makes a sturdier foundation from which to grow and rise.

May these insights support you on your journey.

Blessed Be,

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