How Witches Deal with Being Triggered

prayer beads

“That’s it. I can’t watch broadcast news anymore. It beats me up emotionally,” my friend, John, said.

At this moment, it seems like it can’t get any worse, and then it does.

Numerous things on social media and in broadcast news stories are designed to trigger a big emotional reaction. My question is: What do we, witches, do as the next step?”

I have three insights for you:

  1. Invite the Gods to create calm within you.

You can pick a word that you say to yourself to help you calm down. Set up this word in your meditation sessions.

Here is the process:

Pick a word that does not rise in everyday conversations.

Tie 13 knots, spaced at even intervals, into a piece of cord. (You will use this cord or beads as shown in the photo above, during your meditation session.)

During a meditation session, invite the Gods to help you shift to calm and peace with that word.

Say the word one time per knot. You move your hand to a new knot each time you repeat the word. Repeat this process three times.

You have used this process to ask the Gods to support you in having a way to rise out of an emotional reaction.

Keep up your daily meditations. You’ll want to continue to do grounding, centering, and meditation sessions, so your word continues to have the power to help you shift to a calm response.

  1. Ask, “How does the Goddess look at this?”

My first impression is that the Goddess may have a response of sadness. Goddess wants you and all her children to experience love on a deep level. She wants Her children to remember that love is one of her rituals. She invites us to remember that each person has some divinity within them. Each person is worthy of love and caring—even if, at the moment, the human being has strayed into negative behaviors.

Goddess also has an expansive view. She knows that incidents in our life can be a starting point for divine lessons.

  1. Plan your ways to recover from being triggered.

Above we talked about using a selected word to help you shift to a higher level or higher frequency of energy.

Here I’ll share the process of recovering when you are triggered by an event.

a) Remove yourself from the negative triggering event

For example, if you saw a triggering meme on Facebook, you could close down Facebook. When you realize that some information is poisoning you, you can shut the door on it.

b) Read a spiritual text

Often, when a person reads a spiritual text, they can shift to an expansive perspective. If you have a Book of Shadows (BOS), read it. You could listen to an uplifting book on your audio player.

Reading something uplifting helps you combat Brain Sludge—the junk thoughts that accumulate in your mind. So, reading and meditation can help clear out Brain Sludge.

c) Take a ritual bath

This ritual can help you eliminate negative energy. You could also cleanse yourself with sage before and after the ritual bath.

May these insights support your spiritual journey.

Blessed Be,

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