How Witches Clear Their Thinking and Free Up Their Future

“Oh, Jessica, you’re so cynical,” my friend, Amy, said.

“I’m not cynical. I’m skeptical,” Jessica, my other friend, replied.

The difference between cynical and skeptical is important.

To me, cynical has a negative connotation. It’s like you won’t give an idea some true consideration. You have already made up your mind about the idea. On the other hand, skeptical is: You are willing to listen to the idea and more information. You really think about it. You are willing to bring in more evidence. I’ve noticed that some people take a certain cynical approach that shuts down the conversation.

I’m concerned that cynical can lead to a “negative self-fulfilling prophesy.” For example, Susan,  as a young child, was told that she was fat. Even though she was quite thin. She totally believed that she was fat. She became cynical. She wouldn’t even let in the idea that she might be an appropriate weight. Later in life, she gained a lot of weight. Having a habitual cynical approach, Susan didn’t even try to change her habits because she already believed she was a lost cause.

This reminds me of the Thirteenth Principle of The Thirteen Principles of Wiccan Belief.

We believe that we should seek within Nature that which is contributory to our health and well-being.” The Thirteenth Principle of The Thirteen Principles of Wiccan Belief, assembled by The American Council of Witches

Now, in the present, Susan has a new choice. She can listen to the Gods. Unfortunately, listening to cruel human beings during her youth created a sour, cynical approach in Susan.

Let’s remember that whatever happened in the past is like an early chapter in a book. Something new and better can happen in your current, new chapter of life.

Now, Susan can listen to the Gods. She can focus on natural foods that the Gods provide. She can shift her choices about junk food. She can look to the natural world (echoing The Thirteenth Principle of Wiccan Belief) for healing. She can ask the God and Goddess for guidance. This is something I discuss in my online course Goddess Style Weight Loss.

Looking at the example above, we can see how a cynical mind can cause a lot of suffering.

I invite you to consider dropping cynical in favor of skeptical. Skeptical can be valuable for us to check out the data and evidence. We will also need to try new things and make decisions based on our new experiences.

I’ve noticed that taking a cynical approach can, at times, lead to a closed mind. Having a closed mind can cause much suffering and fear. You close off any new data when you are cynical. In effect, this stops your growth as a being and an individual.

You are here to learn. Assess if you’re being cynical or skeptical.

So, remember to listen to Nature—“the teacher” of our class. Look to Nature and learn.

May these insights support your journey.

Blessed Be,

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