How Witches Create an Energetic and Spiritual Reserve

“I almost can’t believe it. Every time I hear the news, something else is going wrong. Sometimes, I don’t feel I can’t take anymore,” my friend, Amanda, said.

During our conversation, I realized that many of us are just existing on the edge. There’s an old phrase that many people are just one paycheck away from disaster.

We all need reserves in our everyday and spiritual lives.

 Here I’ll talk about developing your own energetic and spiritual reserve.

  1. Take care of your body

Make sure to get enough rest and eat nutritious foods. Even just drinking a glass of water can help. I had a family member getting ready to do a live online show. He didn’t feel so well. After just one glass of water, he was in much better shape. Now that the fires are subsiding (at this moment: only 26 major wildfires remain) in California, I’m back outside doing my daily walk.

  1. Take care of your spiritual self

Devote some time to meditation. Even a five-minute daily session of meditation is helpful.

You can make up your own phrases to focus on.

Here is an example of phrases to use for focusing:

Powerful Lord and Gracious Lady
Grant me a spiritual reserve
And help me keep it and preserve
Inner peace and energy
I’m not alone, I can see.
So Mote It Be.

  1. Develop new contacts in our spiritual community

Gathering in an online conversation with fellow members of our spiritual community can lift your spirits.

Talking with someone over a Zoom call or a standard phone call can help ease a burden of something that is troubling you.

Devote time, perhaps once a week, to talk with certain friends or family members.

You might create a “buddy system” pattern. I have a family member who talks, on the phone, with a fellow novelist three times a week. They provide each other with real support.

Talking with a friend can help you ease your stress. This support you’re feeling is a reserve of energy.

This eases a sense of feeling alone.

May these insights support your life path.

Blessed Be,

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