How Solitary Witches Take Their Spiritual Practice to a Higher Level

“Sometimes, I find it tough to be a solitary witch,” a reader of my blog, at, wrote to me.

She asked a question, and I responded. It reminded me of my early days of learning the Craft.

Here are three insights related to what solitary witches have shared with me.

  1. A Solitary Witch may have a desire to gain assurance that she or he is performing rituals correctly.

One way to develop your spiritual practice is to keep a Spells Diary. This will help you refine your technique. You’ll have evidence of when you’re successful and when things fail. This helps you capture the wisdom you can gain from your experiences.

You may find in reading several books that you get contradictory information. I’ve learned to read a number of sources and then find what works for me personally. Again, keeping a Spells Diary is helpful.

  1. A Solitary Witch may seek a connection with like-minded people.

Like many things, when we seek to develop a new friendship, particularly through online groups, it is a good idea to go slow. Pay close attention to how the new person conducts herself or himself. People who are trustworthy in small things may also be trustworthy in more crucial things.

Some people may be goodhearted but still misinformed. It takes a process to pay attention to see if someone is a good addition to your personal circle.

In years past, I would attend PantheaCon, and I enjoyed meeting and reconnecting with many people. With the related health crisis this year, in-person gatherings are difficult.

One friend suggested doing a Zoom call and watching the other person’s body language. Sometimes, you can get more understanding of a new person by seeing them on video.

I look forward to the day when the world has moved beyond the current health crisis. Having a community or circle provides real support. With trustworthy people in your life, you can feel more connected to your spiritual path.

  1. A Solitary Witch may seek more comfort from the Gods.

Consider having a daily meditation practice (even just a 5-minute session) which can give you more time of feeling connected and comforted by the Gods.

In addition, you can use divinatory tools (The Tarot, a pendulum, runes, and more). You can ask questions and receive answers. For more about the process, listen to my podcast Episode 88 “How Witches Interpret Inconsistencies In Tarot and Other Divination Practices”

May these insights support your life path.

Blessed Be,

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