How Witches Attract a Partner Who Is a Great Match

“I really want to attract this guy. But I’ve heard that it can be unethical to do certain spells,” Audrey, an acquaintance, asked me.

“That’s true,” I replied. This began a significant conversation about the appropriate spells one can do when one wants to attract someone.

Here are three insights.

  1. Do spells that are focused on yourself.

Witches know that doing a spell on another person, even a healing spell, is not appropriate if that person has not given you permission.

What is the solution? You do spells that help you remove obstacles to your being at your most attractive.

Two elements are vital in your ability to attract another person: Your confidence and your physical radiance.

Confidence radiates from one who knows her personal worth.

Here is a prayer that you can use as you do a candle-lighting ritual. (You can use a white candle on a full moon.)

Powerful Lord, Gracious Lady
May I know what good I bring to people.
May I feel the divine strength you placed within me.
Let others see the light from within.
I am with You, and I am love.

To unblock your natural physical radiance, consider doing a ritual bath.

  1. Communicate you are approachable and available.

Many people may have an attractive appearance but, through experiences of trauma, they may send out the energy of being unapproachable. It’s the energy of “Don’t come near me; I’m broken.”

Here is a prayer that you can use as you do a candle-lighting ritual. (You can use a pink candle on a full moon.)

By the full moon,
I ask You, Lady and Lord, this boon.
Draw to me
People that are good for me
Support my energy
So good people agree
I am approachable.
Love radiates from me.

  1. Discover Your Energy of “I will be a positive addition to your life.”

This is a process in which you radiate that you are appropriate and good for the one you want to attract.

Here is a prayer that you can use as you do a candle-lighting ritual. (You can use a white candle on a full moon.)

Lord and Lady,
Let my energy
Create in my loved one to be
That I am a positive addition
To the life they lead.

In summary, to attract someone, be sure to remove obstacles so that they know you and your inner spark of divinity.

May these insights support your life path.

Blessed Be,

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