How Witches Use a Simple Action for Sanity

Blossom as the Real You
Blossom into the New You

Do you have certain thoughts that come up and make you feel unhappy? Do they even make you feel worthless?

I’ve learned how to make a shift so I can go forward in my day. When I need to record an audio message, I tell myself to toss the harmful thought into the backseat. I do not let the thought do the driving.

Here are three insights:

  1. Make a vivid image.

To create a powerful image, you might even add the sense of smell. The classic positive image of Grandma making cookies includes the aroma of those cookies. You can recall the taste of them and your feeling loved.

I mentioned my image of toss the harmful thought into the backseat of a car.

What image will help you shift the direction of your thoughts?

  1. Verbally tell yourself a direction.

Here are examples:

  • “Toss the thought into the backseat”
  • “Put the thought on a shelf”
  • “Let the thought flow by on the stream”

The idea of let the thought flow by on the stream ties into a meditation idea of thoughts flowing on a stream of water. You avoid focusing on one thought like picking up a leaf and shoving it close to your eyes. Then you can see nothing else but this “negative thought/leaf.”

Instead, you let the thought float down the stream—away from you.

What verbal direction can you choose to help you shift your thoughts?

  1. Bring the Gods into your thoughts.

Close your eyes and imagine the Gods’ light shining down upon you. In your mind, you can say something like “May the Gods bless me and cleanse me of this thought. Lord and Lady, You gave me this divine spark. Let it shine freely.”

What “mini-prayer” will you choose so you can shift away from a negative thought?

May these insights support your life path.

Blessed Be,

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