How Witches Rise from the Valley of Pain

Have you had a “near life” experience? No, I’m not talking about a near death experience. I’m talking about actually getting a glimpse of what your life is really about. Do you relate to this?

I have found that some of the most beautiful parts of life arise during some of the most difficult transitions in life.

Here are three insights.

1. Many lessons rise from the Valley of Pain.

Are you going through a tough time in life? Have you had any moments when a friend or a family member has done something kind, and you felt supported?

I’ve learned that many times when I felt at my lowest, there was a moment when someone did a kind gesture for me. Gratitude flowed throughout my body. In that moment, I actually felt connected to the universe, to the friend, and to the God and Goddess.

2. Your soul wants to grow.

In a conversation, a spiritual elder said, “We long for comfort, but the Soul wants learning.”

In times of discomfort, we often discover that we’re stronger than we ever imagined.

Sometimes, the lesson is to be patient or to let go. Maybe, we’re called to be the kinder and stronger person in the situation.

The lesson may be to stand up for yourself if some bully (even a family member) tries to make you conform to their picture of life.

These tough times can be easier to endure if you incorporate prayer to the God and Goddess.

A prayer to the Gods

Gods, give me strength in this adversity.
May my mind and heart be open to compassion.
May my actions be of compassion.
So Mote It Be.

3. The Gods will help you through the Valley of Pain.

The Gods are there for you. As you go through the Valley of Pain, They want to assist you as much as possible.

I look on life as having a series of chapters. Some chapters are when you’re stuck in the shadow, in the Valley of Pain. No one wants to stay stuck in pain. However, some of us prefer the known to the unknown. Some people seem to say, “It hurts, but at least I know what to expect.”

The gracious Goddess knows that at times you’re going to need to step forward in faith.

Hold to the faith that the Goddess wants the best for you. Know that She will provide you comfort. You’ll feel Her influence in a friend’s kind voice or simple gesture of support for you.

Sometimes, the only way out is through the Valley of Pain. The good news is: If you just keep putting one foot in front of the other, eventually you rise out of the valley. Then, you see new choices and new opportunities as you ascend the mountain.

Long ago Winston Churchill said, “If you’re going through hell, keep going.” You just need to keep moving forward. Stand up, avoid sitting and wallowing in the Valley of Pain. Avoid remaining stuck in the pain. Keep moving forward to new opportunities for growth.

May these insights support your path.

Blessed Be,

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