How Witches Feel Better with Celebration

“How does it feel to have recorded your 200th podcast episode?” my friend, Kelsey, asked me.

I feel excited because I am grateful to my listeners who support me and my podcast.

My purpose for the podcast is to be of service to my community. With over 29,000 downloads, I see the evidence that I am serving my podcast community. I’m grateful.

What are you grateful for?

 1. Realize the desperate desire to feel better.

Do you long to feel better?

I relate to this because my depression symptoms beat down on me—on a daily basis.

Have you noticed how we try to feel better by seeking to celebrate something?

Does it work?

How often do you finish something and wonder, “Why don’t I feel better now”?

Clearly, something is going on…

2. Experience true celebration and true essence.

Are we celebrating the outer things? A job promotion. Graduating at some school function.

What about celebrating something that is internal—something related to our true essence?

How would you describe yourself? By sex, gender, orientation? By level of education? By your job?

Or mother, father, brother, sister…?

What is your true essence? It is your soul and your oneness with the Gods. We can celebrate with ritual, prayer, and offerings.

 3. Experience the connection with ultimate support and comfort.

On a cloudy day, what remains constant? The sun and stars. You cannot see them, but they are constant.

This idea holds true with the God and the Goddess. They are a constant in our lives. They are always there for us. We just have to reach out to Them. Through prayer, meditation, and ritual.

But first, we must set aside distractions. And negative emotions. What is the solution? Grounding.

Click here to learn more about grounding.

After you have practiced grounding, you have space to receive the love of the Gods.

May these insights support your path.

Blessed Be,

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