How Witches Learn to Escape Being Controlled by Fear

I was stunned. There it was: The sign I had prayed for. The Gods had given me this sign.

A white rabbit statue. To make the correct decision I asked the Gods for a sign of a white rabbit. Standing inside the Filoli Gardens, I had a confirmation of the Gods supporting me.

I have three insights for you.

  1. Ask yourself: “Am I making a decision based on fear?”

Dealing with clinical depression symptoms, I am often impacted by fear, worry, and anxiety. I have learned that I must pause and notice if my first thoughts are fear-based.

Here are three actions for separating yourself from being controlled by fear.

A. Ask the God and Goddess for help.

You can ask through meditation, ritual, or prayer. The Gods are always here to help us.

B. Meditate to help you rise above.

When you meditate, imagine that you rise above the situation. Perhaps, you visualize rising in a helicopter. You step away from your first perception. Now, you can view the situation with fresh eyes.

C. Do a reading with some form of divinatory tool.

Using a divinatory tool can help you experience a new perception. Our plan is to separate from the first fearful thoughts. The divinatory tool can help you create some space and distance from the initial fearful experience of the situation.

  1. Ask yourself: “How do I make space and quiet to hear my true self?”

Consider taking a ritual bath. This form of bath helps you get rid of negative thoughts and feelings that shackle you.

Light some candles. Place appropriate herbs into the heated water.

Rest and soak. Give yourself some needed space and quiet. Observe what new ideas arise.

  1. Combine prayer and asking for a sign.

Ask for a sign from the Gods and invite Them into your decision-making process. They can help you see a situation from a new angle.

The Gods can support you to shake free of limiting perceptions and beliefs.

May these insights support your path.

Blessed Be,

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