Find New Ways to Celebrate


Tend to Your Roses

Find New Ways to Celebrate

Want to feel better?

On Monday September 23rd, I was reminded of the importance of celebrating small victories.

Life is meant to be celebrated.

In the days before September 23rd, I was running frantically with so much to do: Getting ready for my upcoming Oct. 19th workshop (in California) and getting my first workbook completed and then available for people to purchase online (available here). I was tired.

I took a belly-flop on the couch. I expected my sweetheart to offer me at least a score of “9.2” for my maneuver.

Instead, he asked, “How are we going to celebrate?” It had been months of work on my workbook with my sweetheart editing portions of the book daily.

Celebrate? I was exhausted and I could only think of the rehearsals for my workshop and other projects with deadlines.

Still, he was right (Don’t tell him.) It’s important to pause and celebrate a little success.

Along the same lines, my sweetie writes in his daily gratitude journal–that’s where you note what you’re grateful for. Perhaps, you had a good phone call with a friend. Maybe you took a walk for exercise. He writes in his gratitude journal just before he goes to sleep each night.

It’s so easy to forget the blessings in our lives. They happen everyday. Some may be small but they are there. However, many of us only remember the things that troubled us during the day.

It’s like a stubbed toe that screams pay attention. But we miss acknowledging all the other toes that are just fine. We concentrate on that which gives us pain.

But what about the joys in our day? The cat that purrs with affection as you caress it; your partner smiles in the morning; and you hear your favorite song on the radio. How about when your loved one makes your favorite meal?

I invite you to push forward the joys and blessing of your day. Pause. Pay attention. Push the “stubbed toe” into the background.

How do we push the joys and blessings forward? Write in your gratitude journal. Then you’ll think about your day in a different way. Sometimes, I think of a day as glancing out the window and seeing two things: a pile of garbage next to a glorious rose. When you write in your gratitude journal, you’re looking at the rose.

When I write down the “roses” of my day, I’m always surprised about how many actually occurred.

How about you? How many positive things are in your life right now? You’re reading this, so your eyes are working. You’re breathing. You’re probably looking forward to something even, perhaps, a favorite TV show.

I find that consciously choosing to look at the “roses” of life helps me focus on the beauty and joy that I experience. Soon after I started this writing in my gratitude journal, I realized that I didn’t just have one rose, I really had a rose garden.

Now, you can take this a step further. In addition to remembering the roses of your life, show your gratitude. Do a simple ritual at the end of your day. After noting my blessings in my gratitude journal, I take a candle and offer it as thanks to the Gods for the blessings I enjoyed.

Tea light candles work great for this. They are small and don’t take too long to burn. This way you don’t have a candle burning when no one is around. (Never leave a burning candle unattended.)

This candle is a small gesture to the Gods in thanks for all the blessings they provide. Since starting this ritual, I have noticed even more blessings occurring in my life.

The nice thing about this ritual is that it doesn’t take much time and it doesn’t require a big fanfare. As long as your ritual is heartfelt and sincere the Gods will be pleased.

If you live with someone who isn’t Wiccan, lighting a candle in not a big inconvenience. Simply let them know that this is a positive part of your daily life.

This ritual is a great way to say “I noticed” and “thanks” to the Gods. They will appreciate it. This ritual also helps you be happier and healthier.

Please leave a comment and let me know if you do something like this or if you have a different way to honor the blessings in your life. I’d love to hear your perspective. Thanks.



2 thoughts on “Find New Ways to Celebrate

  1. I definitely don’t make enough time for gratitude in my life, but I think I’m going to start now. I love your analogy of the garbage and the roses, and I like the idea of doing a simple gratitude ritual every day. I think for me I might connect it with watering my plant, something like that.


    • Thank you Àine for the kind words. I think watering your plant is a great idea. Maybe you might consider blessing the water (without salt of course) and imbuing it with your thanks to the Gods. You could even bless the plant’s food as an offering.


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