Dealing with Depression While Having Cancer

“You okay, Moonwater? Are you sick?” my friend, Lisa, asked.
“I don’t know. The doctor took some skin from near my wrist. I’m waiting on a biopsy,” I replied.

Then, the next day, the doctor’s office left a voicemail for me — a vague message.
But such a fast return call promised bad news. I had to wait the whole weekend until I could get someone on the phone. The answer was … cancer.

Now the question was … did they cut away all of the cancerous cells? The afflicted spot was the size of a dime, and the doctor had used a dermablade to cut away a nickel-sized area.

Again—it was about waiting to find out.

Can you relate? Have you had anxiety waiting for news related to something you had no control over?

Let’s add depression to the mix of anxiety and cancer.

My depression symptoms already pushed me to see a bleak future. Now, with the cancer-diagnosis, my mind spiraled into dark corners. Fear, dread, pain.

So, what can we do to sooth these feelings?

Here are Three Practical Ways to Soothe Feelings of Dread:

  • Talk with Friends

You can circle the wagons with your friends/family.

You’ll want to be selective about with whom you share your difficult news. I even have a kind friend who prefers texting to talking on the phone. We had a good conversation.

Still, many of us find talking on the phone or visiting in-person to be more helpful.

Many times, your friends and family can be supportive and give you strength. This includes your coven mates if you are in a coven.

A select number of your friends can and will support you. You can lean on them when life gets tough.

Certain friends helped me see the light when depression only showed darkness.

My husband gave me a different perspective. He called the operation a “cancer event.” (I didn’t like this phrase.)

His point was that the operation was likely successful. So, the situation was over (like an event). He added, “Until the data is in, it’s good.” By this he meant, if you don’t have an indication otherwise, carry on as if you’re going to get good news. Sometimes, he calls it “postponing worry that might prove unnecessary.”

Some people may find this perspective useful at times.

One thing I like about my husband’s comment is that it’s about holding a positive thought and sending that positive thought as energy into the universe.

  • Pray to the God and Goddess

I talked a lot to the God and Goddess. I asked Them to postpone my worries until I had more information. They sat with me in my fear and comforted me. They quieted my fears.

I said, “Please let this be okay. Give me guidance. Let me have the strength to go through this situation.” I focused on these intentions with the God and Goddess. This provided me a whole different direction than my depression symptoms would have brought to me.

So, when you have a serious question with no answer and you feel anxious, talk to the God and Goddess. See if you feel a subtle shift inside. That would be the God and Goddess providing you subtle support.

  • Perform a Ritual

Do a simple candle ritual to calm and reassure yourself.

I find lighting a candle and asking for peace/faith/comfort really helps me.

You can say:

With this Candle
I honor You, God and Goddess
Please fill me with Light.
Lend me Your Might.
So Mote It Be.

May these above practices bring you comfort and healing.

Blessed Be,


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