As a Wiccan – When You’re Facing an Invisible Illness


Are you dealing with an invisible illness?

If so, I’m with you. Why? Because every day I deal with asthma, dyslexia and clinical depression.

Here’s More Trouble: Beware of Those Who Shame People with Mental Illness in the Pagan Community

What do I mean by “shame people”? I’ve encountered people who told me that I do not need medication. Instead, they claim that “a certain herbal tea” will “Fix you right up.” No. That is a delusion. But what really bothered me is their self-righteous attitude that I was not “believing enough.” Now that’s what I call shaming!

I do meditate. And I take medication. I have medical doctors who help me.

I have depression and asthma—serious diseases. And it is B.S. to tell me to drink a tea or think or wish my asthma attack or depressive episode away. This is life or death!

I do magick rituals, and they help. Still, if someone says that I don’t need medication, they are deluded. Instead, we must be our own advocates as we deal with invisible illnesses.

Why do the God and Goddess let these things happen?

I believe that before this incarnation the God and Goddess helped us plan the lessons we wanted for this incarnation.

Learning lessons on this plane is about taking the direct route. Sometimes, the direct route involves trauma or mental illness. And we know this before we are incarnated.

The God and Goddess don’t want us to suffer. They want us to be happy.

They send help to us when we need it most. My husband—that is, boyfriend at the time—came into my life and encouraged me to get help in the form of therapy and medical assistance. I am so grateful to him for taking my hand and leading me to the help I desperately needed.

Why would we choose an incarnation with trauma?

I’ll share an idea: Do you really learn what touching a hot stovetop is by someone describing it to you? Or do you learn faster and understand more completely by experiencing the pain?

The same is true with the lessons of our life. We need to experience the situation to truly learn our lesson.

Then, there is the experience of real compassion. Recently, I went through a “bottom-time” (crying and feeling hopeless). My husband sat with me. He didn’t try to “cheer me up.” He rubbed my feet. I felt better the next day—Thank, Goddess!

Still, my husband knows that there is no “happy button” on me. Sometimes, we just need to sit with the pain. I deeply appreciate my husband’s real compassion and love.

I realize that we do not ask for pain today. Still, God and Goddess often help us have the experience of support when we’re suffering. Perhaps, you’ll want to do a candle ritual to remind yourself of God and Goddess’s presence in your life.

Blessed Be,

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