How Witches Use Time Management So They Connect with the Gods

“What’s most important to you as a witch?” I asked my friend, Jessica.
“To connect with the Gods,” she replied.
“You look concerned,” I said.
“I’m just not doing it. I’m not showing up for ritual,” she said, frowning.
This began an important conversation.

I’ll share three insights here:

  • The distractions and obligations of everyday life can strangle your spiritual practice.

Fear can exacerbate the situation. That is, many of us are buried in fear-inducing problems with the job, the kids and more. We live in a chaotic world. Not knowing what to do can stifle or even completely stall your spiritual practice. So many of us say, “I just can’t find the time.”

When you pause, you can realize that even just five minutes of meditation can calm you down and clear your thinking. That’s how a spiritual practice can be a lifesaver in the mundane and chaotic world.

  • Gathering with your Coven will give you a safe space for ritual.

When I am with my coven, I feel deeply supported. We support each other and raise each other up. We are a strong group. Being in a coven is having a chosen family.

This family can encourage your spiritual growth. This can be especially good if you don’t have a supportive family at home. If you gather with your coven, someplace outside your own home, you can find it to be an oasis from your mundane surroundings.

  • Pick your morning or evening as your sacred time.

I had a conversation with a friend who is a time management expert who authored three books on the topic. He noticed that time management is not really about lists, it’s about making great choices.

Have you noticed that your only “free time” is in the morning or at night before you go to sleep? You may want to choose one of those times as a designated sacred time. Mornings may work for some better than others because one can be fresh from the night’s rest.

However, if you are a night owl, you may prefer evenings.

I find that evenings seem to be the time I can spare. It may be better for me in the morning, but, at this time, I find that doing a brief meditation session (with my husband) before bedtime helps us both.

Don’t wait to have only an “ideal time.” Three minutes in your parked and locked car (someplace safe), may be helpful. You could recharge before going into your home for “family time.”

Remember, time management is about making great choices.

Choose to connect with the God and Goddess. Even a daily 5-minute meditation practice may truly brighten your life.

Blessed Be,

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