How Witches Shift Away from Worries

Are you worried? If so, I’m right here with you. Currently, my family is enduring some truly difficult problems. It’s taking my education from spiritual elders and experience in the Craft to help me cope with the worries.

Along this line, I’m sharing three insights.

  1. Focus on doing your ritual

Doing ritual is a way to really clear your head. Aim to standardize your Circle Casting. This routine will put you into a certain frame of mind. You’ll focus on the task at hand (your rite) and not the mundane-world problems you may be enduring.

A ritual can release you from a stagnant way of thinking and feeling. Consider this simple bathing ritual. See how to take a ritual bath here.

  1. Talk to the Gods through meditation

Taking to the Gods can help you figure things out.

A number of witches express how tough it is to settle into their meditation session. For that reason, I wrote my post How Witches Settle from Chaos into Their Meditation Session. That post’s suggestions can help you transition into your peaceful meditation session

Once you enter meditation, you can meet the God and Goddess and have a conversation with Them about your worries.

  1. Say a prayer for transformation

When they’re caught up in worries, witches often discover a need to experience transformation. A prayer can help.

A Transformation Prayer

Shift me from worries
To possibilities
From fear
To new skills
From being stagnant
To Transformation in my life.
Let me not stay stuck in limited thinking
Guide my mind to open to new possibilities.
As I So Will, So Mote It Be

 May these insights help you on your journey.

Blessed Be,

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