How Witches Create a Safe Magical Space for Ritual Use

“I feel so squeezed!” my friend, Jennifer, said.
“By what?” I asked.
“Life, family, my boyfriend…”
“It sounds like you need to create a space for yourself,” I said.

Here are three insights.

  1. Start with the physical.

Physically clean a space in which you’ll conduct ritual. Wash the floor and remove any clutter.

  1. Use smudging to clear away negative energy.

Use a small amount of sage. I use a sage bundle. Be careful when you light it and be mindful of smoke detectors and sprinklers. A little dab will do you.

  1. Recite a blessing as you set up your altar and ward your space.

You can choose to recite a blessing as you set up your altar. The blessing can be something simple like:

Dear Lord and Lady,
Bless my altar and my magick working.
May they be beneficial to all involved.
Thank you.
So mote it be.

Be sure to place your altar in the middle of the space, facing North. (Some traditions choose to face another direction.)

Ward your space. Ward means to protect or guard. You can put up protective sigils or spells around the space. Additionally, have your fire extinguisher and first aid kit handy.

Now your space is ready for use.

(You can use Moonwater’s 6 Step Process for making a spell.

Finally, prior to doing your magick in the space, make sure you have a ritual bath. Also, meditate on the work at hand.

May these insights support your path.

Blessed Be,

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2 thoughts on “How Witches Create a Safe Magical Space for Ritual Use

  1. I don’t have the space for a dedicated altar so I repurpose my desk. It’s where I spend most of my time anyway, surrounded by (inspiring) photos of cats and a mere snippet of my huge collection of plants. The surface is large enough for me to do Tarot spreads, too.

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