Protect Yourself: Always Cast Circle



“The God of Death won’t leave,” I said, really concerned. My mentor nodded; she understood. This was years ago around the time of Samhain. The God of Death has many faces. The one I kept seeing was the corpse-face of a deer on a man’s body.

“The God of Death wants to talk to me,” I said. My mentor suggested that we do a meditation so I could find out his reason for a conversation. My mentor and I settled down in her living room, and soon I went to the astral plane to talk to the God of Death.

Once I was done and had received his message, I came back to the mundane world.

But I didn’t come back alone. The God of Death clung onto me and wouldn’t leave!

I ended up doing a ritual in the woods and appeased him with a gift of a pomegranate. Finally, he left me. What a relief!

The Big Lesson

I learned something of vital importance. It’s necessary for us to Cast Circle BEFORE we do a meditation.

I repeat: Cast Circle BEFORE, you do a meditation.

In essence, I was fortunate. I learned a big lesson without having to pay a big price.

If I had Cast Circle, then the God of Death would not have returned with me from the astral plane.

Okay. Lesson learned.

Blessed Be,

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