It’s Our One Year Anniversery! Learning Self Love

Got Hope?

Got Hope?

It’s Our 1 Year Anniversary!


Today is The Hidden Children of the Goddess’s one year anniversary. Hooray! To celebrate, I will give you a free excerpt of the new book. Email me at AskAWitchNow @ for a small excerpt of my upcoming new workbook from my new workshop: Beyond the Law of Attraction to Real Magick.

Today’s post is on one of the most important things the Gods have taught me. Learning Self-Love. If we don’t have self-love we can’t have hope for ourselves and for others.

Learning Self-Love

How do you feel? Do feel good about yourself and how your life is going? In our society, many of us struggle with the concept of self-love. Some people even confuse self-love with being self-centered.

Self-love is about taking care of yourself and making sure that you are strong. Without self-love you can’t manifest your desires.

I did not start with self-love. Due to my brother’s physical abuse and my parents’ neglect, I felt worthless. Fortunately, the Gods changed my perspective on myself for the better.

Through reflective meditation, the Gods helped me understand how skewed my perception of myself really was. This was a key turning point for me.

One thing you always hear about are affirmations, but for many of us these just don’t work.

First, let’s cover what an affirmation is. It’s a personal, positive statement. It can be as simple as “I feel terrific” or “I make a lot of money.”

For many, the above statements don’t work. Why?

A number of people have told, “It just sounds like I’m lying to myself.”

Like myself, many people’s inner self-beliefs interfere with these positive statements. For an example, if I used the affirmation “I am thin, ” my brain would object with “No, I’m not. Look in the mirror”. It’s not true. No matter how hard you try to pound that new idea into your brain, your brain pounds just as hard back.

So how did the Gods help me deal with this problem? They inspired me to create a Self-Love Meditation.

So instead of the uphill battle of an affirmation, we’ll use the Self-Love Meditation to work with the situation.

[You can work with this meditation by audio recording it in your own voice and then play it back. Or you invite a friend to read this section to you.]

Self-Love Meditation

Close your eyes.

Breathe in and out deeply . . . Relax.

Keep breathing.

Breathe out the stress of the day.

Breathe in relaxation and peace.


You are still aware of the light that is in the room.

Now the light begins to fade.

As it fades you feel total comfort. You feel safe and secure in the darkness.

(Short Pause)

Now, a new form of light blossoms. It surrounds and wraps you in its loving energy. This light is the light of the Gods.

It is a light of love and compassion. Take it in.

As you take this light and understanding in, you can now see with the Gods’ eyes.

You can now see yourself as they see you, pure, beautiful, whole. You are a masterpiece of their creation. You were made with love, and you are a manifestation of their love. You are love.

This understanding fills you.


With this new understanding you are now ready to return to the physical world.

You know that even though you may leave the light at this time it is never truly gone.

It’s a gentle transition as the light begins to fade around you.

Slowly at first. It gets darker and darker.

As it fades you feel total comfort. You feel safe and secure in the darkness.

(Short Pause)

Then a familiar light returns, the light in the room where you started.

It gradually gets brighter and brighter.

You are back in the room. You have brought the calm and peace and happy feelings back with you.

Now, gently open your eyes.

You can do this meditation as often as you need to. It may not take at first, but keep trying. Eventually the Gods’ light will shine within you.

I keep this light within me at all times. Sometimes it’s hard to see it, but it is always there. With self-love we can manifest anything we wish. From the foundation of self-love, we have the energy and personal peace from which we can help others on their path.

I would love to hear about your experience with this meditation. You can leave a comment in the comment box below.

Blessed Be,

Moonwater SilverClaw

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