Look at Your Life with Goddess’s Eyes

How is life going for you? Are you feeling pressured with work, family, friends, and personal pursuits?

If so, I’m with you. It can be hard to prioritize what to do when obligations weigh heavily on your shoulders.

Then, I had an intuitive nudge. It’s embodied in this question: How would Goddess help me prioritize for my enjoying a fulfilling life?”

  1. Goddess wants you to grow

Goddess wants all Her children to grow. This means learning our lessons and conquering our fears.

What kind of lessons? This varies by the individual. You set up your goals for your lessons before you were born. These lessons can be things like forgiveness, handling fear, or finding love for yourself.

  1. Goddess encourages you to prioritize your health and safety

I realize that I have sometimes, faltered about my own health. Sometimes, I’ve hesitated to go to the Emergency Room when my asthma was overwhelming.

How about you? Are you prioritizing your health? Good sleep, good nutrition, time devoted to nurturing your relationships …

Let’s remember that Goddess wants us to care for ourselves. After all, our bodies are the temples of the Gods. Goddess wants us to be healthy and happy while we are on this earth.

  1. Goddess wants a better connection with you

Sometimes, I get the impression that Goddess might say, “It’d be nice if you called once in a while.” How? We can do ritual and have meditation sessions to connect with the Goddess and God. Even a 5-minute meditation session is better than nothing.

Along these lines, my new book Goddess Has the Answers to Life’s Tough Problems just debuted on Amazon. CLICK HERE to “look inside” my 9th book. For many of us, “9” is a sacred number, and I feel great about this book! I know that many readers will find support to grow and pick up insights that we, Wiccans, have discovered over the decades.

*   *    *

May these ideas support you in your journey.

Blessed Be,

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